Application specific custom front end for Okta screens


Im working on a Okta integration project where client has a existing okta enterprise IAM solution deployed that we need to connect our application with.
We are trying to explore the option to customize end user facing UI to match our application rather than going with default Okta look and feel. We dont want to change the UI of the Okta which would impact all users including outside our application.
End users from our application will use Okta for registration and login.


  1. Can we host registration on our application(salesforce) and use Okta API for registration. Can this solution be extended to all self registration tasks such as forgot password, forgot userID
  2. Can we host custom login page or customize Okta login page for our application only so other applications integrated with Okta are not impacted.

If there are any reference documentation, please share.


To answer the second question, yes, you can customize the Okta hosted login page on an application by application basis. On the Okta hosted widget, you can detect which application is being used in an SP initiated flow, and use that to control the logic about how your widget is modified.

More details about this in our documentation about how to Style the Okta-hosted Widget and in this post where I offered an example for how to customize the page for OIDC apps and/or SAML apps

Thanks @andrea for that useful information. Does Okta provide API’s for all self service tasks including registration, login? We would prefer to have our own custom front end for all Okta tasks.

At this time, no, there is no public API to use for user registration.

You can of course use the /authn API directly to handle primary authentication, which you can do via our Widget (which does support self-service registration) and Auth libraries (wrappers around the API calls needed), which we offer in a couple of languages.