Okta sso nodejs

To give you the premise of our system, we will be making use of a few internal applications and also one app on the Okta OIN with OIDC to create SSO for these applications. The one thing that is puzzling to me is that we have to use custom login screens and will receive a request to the backend using nodejs therefore I am not able to understand the setup that is required to complete this setup.

I’m not sure I follow your set up. Do you have a single front end/client application that users access, or are there multiple unique front end applications that users will log into to complete different functions/tasks ? What part does your Node backend play in this architecture?

There are multiple unique front end applications. I want to prepare a custom login page on each of these applications which will initiate a authorization process from the backend without the okta signin widget on app A and use the tokens and session to also authenticate user on app B.