Does the set of quick start samples use the current Okta API

I am trying to recreate the sample The Lazy Developer’s Guide to Authentication with Vue.js. This article suggests the following sequence:

const OktaAuth = require('@okta/okta-auth-js')
const authClient = new OktaAuth({url: '', issuer: 'default'})

where the string '' defines the issuer’s URL. At the same time my dashboard ( indicates that the issuer’s URL is

I would assume that the API is newer than the docs - but would like to understand how are newbie users dealing with such mismatch. The quick start samples are the key enablers for new Okta customers, so rather than complaining, I would like to help the effort of “refreshing” them (assuming that such effort exists)

Self answered:

I used the admin URL (under the false impression that this is the correct one). Only hours later I discovered the page, which clearly indicates that my pre-created (default) issuer is defined as ''.

If there is any gain from my mistake, it might indicate that the initial, top level navigation written for the very new users might require improvements.

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