Okta Vue: Your Okta URL is missing

Hello, I am using Okta with OIDC for Vue, https://github.com/okta/okta-oidc-js/tree/master/packages/okta-vue. I have followed the instructions given both in that readme and in the Okta Documentation (both https://developer.okta.com/docs/guides/sign-into-spa/vue/before-you-begin/ and https://developer.okta.com/quickstart/#/vue/nodejs/express). However, I continue to get Uncaught Error: Your Okta URL is missing. You can copy your domain from the Okta Developer Console. Follow these instructions to find it: https://bit.ly/finding-okta-domain. The issue appears to be with my Vue OIDC configuration -

Vue.use(Auth, {
      issuer: 'https://mycompany.okta.com/oauth2/default',
      clientId: 'myclientid',
      redirectUri: REDIRECT_URI,
      scopes: ['openid', 'profile', 'email'],
      pkce: true,

But I don’t see anything wrong. My app has been registered on Okta as a single page app. Any ideas?

Hmmm, I’m not sure what the problem could be as your configuration looks correct. You could try comparing it to this tutorial we published recently. https://developer.okta.com/blog/2019/11/11/graphql-vue

Also, are you sure you have a developer account and not an IT Trial account?

Yes, it’s set up on my company’s Okta account.

You might try signing up for a free developer account and using that. https://developer.okta.com/signup

You know, I think I figured it out. My code actually was

Vue.use(Auth, VueRouter, {...

I tried changing it to

Vue.use(Auth, {...

and it started working. Weird.
Thanks for the help!