Dotnet mvc 4 example giving 404 on callback

I am following the sample project OktaAspNetExample and I got to the point where its firing me back to this endpoint when I click Login http://localhost:896/authorization-code/callback but that is yielding a 404. I thought this was automatically being listened at by the startup configurations? Also its very unclear what is supposed to happen after this point, where do we go from http://localhost:896/authorization-code/callback and how can I control that?

I’m having the same issue (404); were you able to solve this?

needed to Set OpenIdConnectAuthenticationOptions.CallbackPath = new PathString("/authorization-code/callback")

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added a reply, its been a while and I think that is what got it rolling for me.

I’m sorry, I didn’t see this reply until now. I don’t remember the issue but we were able to get it to work quite some time back. I appreciate the help!

How were you able to make it work? @croden i have a angular app wrapper around spring boot and have that same issue