Okta callback path on Azure WebApp returns 404

I’m building an app that uses Okta login with OpenId and uses the ASP Core 3.1 SDK to set up everything.
I have used the following resources to create the app and upload it to Azure WebApp:

When I run the app on localhost everything works fine but when I upload it to Azure after I sign in with the hosted sign-in form I’m getting a 404 page on the callback route (/authorization-code/callback).
Have anyone encountered this issue before and knows what am I missing or if this is a known issue?

Interesting, can you confirm you have the redirect uri defined in the application settings in Okta?

I am using the default settings so the redirect URI is not defined at all.

So in the end the issue was that there was an exception in the OnTokenValidated event due to our code and that’s why it showed the callback URL as a 404 page

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