Editing existing user profile via Okta Sign-In Widget

We’re using the Okta Sign-in widget for, wait for it, sign in. We’re also using it for self-service user registration. It’s working great for both.
Once we get someone registered, we’d also like to provide them a means of updating their profile data. Ideally, we’d leverage the same widget for this. So, you could imagine and “My Profile” section on our site that simply embeds the widget (similar to what we’re doing on the login page) and, assuming the user is already authenticated, shows them whatever profile fields from Okta that they’re allowed to edit with save/cancel functionality built in.
Is this possible? We’re not seeing much in the way of documentation on this.
If it’s not possible, what’s the alternative approach to let users manage their profile information?

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And of course, as soon as I posted this, I found this:

This is really helpful however it’s using iframes. So, is there a similar option that doesn’t use iframes (similar to how the Sign-in Widget is being embedded). That would give us more flexibility in terms of styling and such.

The widget doesn’t cover updates to users post registration, its only really designed to handle authentication, registration, password recovery, and similar.

You may want to look into using OAuth for Okta to get Access Tokens (issued to the authenticated user) scoped to edit the user’s profile (okta.users.manage.self scope) and making a POST to /api/v1/users/me (using the access token as a bearer token to authorize the call). You’ll have to come up with your own UI for this, but its definitely possible.

Example Access Token payload

Example POST