Unable to save attribute from self registration widget

Hello, I am using the okta sign in widget with self registration and am unable to save any attributes other than the default (email, first name, last name, password). For the sake of my example, I am trying to save the city attribute. I have enabled it on the self registration widget, it shows up as a fillable field, and, when I click submit, I see in the browser network tab that the city data was indeed sent to the okta server along with the other fields.

However, in the Okta console when I inspect the profile of the newly created user, city is always empty. I have tried to set it via various means with the preSubmit functionality to no success, though I know preSubmit is excuting because I can modify the values (of email, first, last) and those save, just nothing else. I don’t know where to look or what to try next so any help would be greatly appreciated.


Update on this. Still no luck with the widget, as a test I implemented registration manually, going through an API token to call user creation, and the city field was set without issue so it seems to be something with the widget itself or my configuration of the widget. Help still needed!

Did you make sure the attribute you added is configured for read-write permission?

Note: If you want to add new profile attributes, click Configure the Okta user profile to add them to the Okta user profile. They are then available in the list on this page. Be sure to set the User permission drop-down box to Read - Write if you want your users to be able to modify the new attributes after registration.


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Warren, you are a genius, thank you! If there is a DM concept on this forum send me your venmo or equivalent, I want to buy you a case of beer.

I read that doc and thought it only applied after registration, not during. Thanks again! (and I’m serious about the beer)

No worries, just glad to help :beers:

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