Self-service registration form fields values are not saved after sign up

Hi guys.

I have added some additional required fields to the registration form in the Okta self-service section.
When the Okta login page is showed and i press the sing up link, i can see all the fields, i filled out and then save the form.
An email is sended to the email of the new user for confirmation, then the user proceed to activate the account through that email but when i see the profile of the new user in the Okta admin, only the username and email were saved, the rest are in blank.

How can i solve this problem?

You need to map the custom fields from Okta profile to apllicatin profile user is signing to. Go to profile editor select the application user is signing to and map the fields. There is the way mapping okta-apppication and application-okta, you need to map both. You can have difrent custom fields per application profile if you need. if your application require difrent custom fields passed to authorisation server you can have separate authorisation serves per application groups and assign difrent profile and fileds passed to specific user in this group.

hi @dukeim
can you please tell me how to make the registration form shows after pressing on sign-up link ?
because when i press on it, i get a blank form can you help me with this?