Self registration form - remove password field

I am looking to use the self-registration option to allow users to “express their intent to self-register”, i.e., not truly register themselves, but to provide enough details for an email to be sent to our internal team who will then create these users manually. I am aware of inline / event hooks to help automate any backend checks, but for now, our requirements are to enable an end user to submit their name, their org, and a couple of other parameters.

I plan to modify the email content to remove the activation link and just say that ‘hey, your request has been received, and you’ll be notified once your access is approved’.

So, two questions

  1. How do I remove the password field off the self-registration screen? I see options to add new fields, but password appears to be mandatory.
  2. Does Okta provide a way to customize the text after the self-service request is completed? I am not looking for them to “verify” anything
  1. Not possible at the moment, the self-service registration flow will create the user in Okta so a password is required.
  2. Are you seeing that message because you have email verification enabled?
  1. Okay
  2. The message is sent because I have email verification enabled. With the emails, I have a notion of control where I can decide to do something with the user creation, however, if email verification is not enabled, the user is automatically created, and I don’t want that.

For now, we’ve decided to manually implement self-registration using a custom link on the sign on widget (Okta provides placeholders for two custom URLs) that redirects to a page having the fields that we need (no password field) and then implementing our desired workflow externally.

Thank you