Custom and some basic attributes not set to user profile after self-registration

I configured Self-Service Registration and added custom attribute “comeFrom” in Registration form fields which was previously added to Okta User profile. In addition, I configured base attributes “mobilePhone” and “department” to be in registration form. But after registration none of these attributes except for mobilePhone appeared in new user’s profile. Payload of registration request to /api/v1/registration contains all the fields so Okta received this data.
So, what am I doing wrong? Or could it be a bug?


Hi @Xeniale! Please open a support ticket through an email to with this issue. One of our Support Engineers will be able to help troubleshoot this further.

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Thanks! Didn’t know about this option.

I think the User Permission for your custom attribute needs to be set to “Read-Write”

Goto your Profile Editor, navigate to your Custom Attribute, click Edit and set the User Permission to “Read-Write”

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