Can't update attributes during creation?

I’m testing out the user creation through the Users API, but the API seems to disregard anything in the body except:


This isn’t very good as I’m trying to make a custom registration form that would create the user in Okta with all needed attributes…

Am I doing some thing wrong or is this working as intended?

Are you using the variable names for the additional attributes you are trying to set? Are you setting custom attributes, or other built-in ones?

I tried both. Custom ones I created to the profile and built-in ones, but only the ones that you can provide when you manually create a user through the GUI, actually get updated.

@tommi.heinix I tried to create a user with a custom attribute and I got the following error:

“errorSummary”: “Property name ‘custom_attribute’ is not defined in profile”

Are you getting the same error? Looks like we can’t add a new attribute (on creation) that’s not already in the user profile first.


no, I don’t get any errors, the POST message completes succesfully.
If I do this by using Postman, I can see from the response that it has added all the attributes that I defined, but when I go the GUI to see the user, I don’t see anything populated except the ones I mention in my post.

And just to clarify; I’m not creating any new attributes to the profile, I am just trying to add VALUES to the ones I have set up in my default profile.

Thanks for clarifying @tommi.heinix. Unfortunately, I’m not able to repro the issue on my end. Please open a support ticket so one of our support team members can take a closer look - Okta Help Center (Lightning).