Email verification via API

I need help to find do we have APIs to send an email to user when he is registered and send an email to activate account.

I was using below API to create the account.

POST : {{url}}/api/v1/users?activate=false, but which API can be used to then send an email for verification to complete steps in Okta?


When you activate the user by default it should send an email,

does this API relay the OTP as well or just send a magic link?

The default is to send an email which will contain a link that includes the activation token so the user can set their password from the Okta hosted login page.

If sendEmail=false, the call will return a response with the activation URL and the activationToken. If you prefer you can use the activationToken to bootstrap a self hosted widget and go through the setting the password for the user from your own application via the widget.