User verification email

Hi Team,

I need help to find do we have APIs to send an email to user when he is registered and send an email to activate account.

I was using below API to create the account.

POST : {{url}}/api/v1/users?activate=false

Currently, okta provides the registration via Okta widget their I was able to get the Registration - Activation but not via API.

Please guide me on this.

Are you asking about re-sending an activation email as described in Okta Help Center (Lightning)?

Thanks Okra, For reply

I have a generic question where due to requirements from our client where we need to register a user via API which in turn it should send an email. Once the user clicks an email for activating the account user needed to redirect to the Application as a logged-in user

When I am researching about this function in different ways I was able to see this flow via registration from Okta registration page.

Configuration Made in okta is as below for this.

I would like to know, how can we achieve this via APIs ?