Enabling Log Streaming

How can I stream logs to AWS EventBridge from Okta? I am unable to find the option in my tenant.

You will need to be a Super Admin to configure Log Streaming in your Okta org. If you are not a super admin, I would recommend working with an Okta user that does have Super Admin permissions to set up Log Streaming

I am currently a super admin for the org but do not have the option to set up Log Streaming.

Please reach out to our support team (by creating a case in the Help Center or calling in) so they can confirm that you are able to use Log Streaming in your org.

Hi, I am unable to create a case in the Help Center as I get an error when I try to do so.

I believe you need a SKU’d org to use this feature. Are you trying to add this to a paid, non-Developer org?

I am trying to add this to a developer org as I would like to see how I can process Okta event data into EventBridge and then in my visualization platform.