logStreams support for developer accounts?

I’m interested in getting the AWS EventBridge integration working [1] [2]; however, I can’t seem to make progress with my account. When I use the Okta console to add EventBridge integration, I get a 404 at https://{my_okta_domain}-admin.okta.com/reports/log-streaming/add/aws_eventbridge.

I also tried checking the /api/v1/logStreams endpoint to see if there are any logStreams available, but I get back a 403 response with errorCode":“E0000015” and “errorSummary”:“You do not have permission to access the feature you are requesting”.
My userid and API token should be super admin, but I’m using a developer account. Is log streaming (and EvenBridge integration) supported for a developer account?

[1] AWS EventBridge | Okta
[2] Amazon EventBridge Integrations | Event Bus | Amazon Web Services

Can you submit a support case so someone can help enable this in your org?