ERROR: (401, E0000011) Invalid Token Provided

I am trying to set up an application I created to monitor Okta logs. When testing it on the oktapreview instance my company has set up, it works fine. I created the token and used the okta domain. I had no issues. However, when I tried to use it for the production okta instance we have set up, I got an error saying the token provided was invalid. But I had created a new token in the instance for this new case. Are there certain permissions that need to be set in the production instance that might get automatically set in the the oktapreview (dev) instance? The user setting it up has full permissions and is not suspended, so I can’t think of another issue that might cause the token to be invalid.

To clarify, did you create a new API token within the production tenant? Another possibility is your production token may have expired as Okta API token are only valid for 30 days when inactive.