Invalid Token error

I’m trying to use a windows form program to create a user account but no matter what I seem to do I always get an invalid token error on the user create, this is the code:

        var uc = new OktaClientConfiguration();
        uc.OktaDomain = "domain name";
        uc.Token = "token from management console";
        Okta.Sdk.OktaClient oc = new Okta.Sdk.OktaClient(uc);

        await oc.Users.CreateUserAsync(us);

I’ve used the management console to create a token and copied it from the dialog box. I’ve tried with a couple of tokens but none seem to work,

Am I doing something wrong here? Is there any other setting I need to setup?

Do you prepend the token with SSWS?

The Okta API currently requires the custom HTTP authentication scheme SSWS for authentication. All requests must have a valid API key specified in the HTTP Authorization header with the SSWS scheme