Error when calling introspectRefreshToken react native package

I am working on a React Native app that uses the okta react native package ( I am having trouble using the introspectRefreshToken method provided by this package.
When a user closes the app (without logging out) or sends the app to the back ground and the access expires the user is taken to the login screen when opening or bringing the app back to focus. In this case I want to check if there is an active refresh token and upon the users pressing the log in button do a biometric challenge and refresh the tokens.

However if introspectRefreshToken is called before the user has ever logged in an error is thrown. On iOS the error is a nice JavaScript error that can be caught and handled. However on Android a java error is thrown that can not be caught in javaScript. That error is “Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘java.lang.String com.okta.oidc.Tokens.getRefershToken()’ on null object reference.”

Is there a way to determine if it is safe to call introspectRefreshToken?