Error when searching okta attributes containing double quotes

I have created a new user whose first name contains a double quotes in it . I am trying to search the user with a postman API list user with search criteria .
The API url looks like {{okta_url}}/api/v1/users?search=profile.firstName+sw+%22%22Test%22%22
When tested okta gives a "Invalid seach syntax " error . I have encoded the quotes as its a special character . I see when we edit it manually in okta profile we are able to add double quotes to firstname . Can we perform a okta search for a text with double quotes in it ? I see ,when searched with search textbox in okta console returns result , but when searched with API it doesn’t work .

You are correct that %22 is the url-encoding for double quotes.

You are using profile.firstName+sw+%22%22Test%22%22 which means it looks like this url-decoded profile.firstName sw ""Test"". You have an extra set of double quotes.