"sw" no longer a valid filter for Users API?

“sw” was a valid filter for the Users API prior to and until April 2021 for many of the fields in a profile.

It is now not working, and instead is throwing this error, for any field that is a string in the user object:
{“errorCode”:“E0000031”,“errorSummary”:“Invalid search criteria.”,“errorLink”:“E0000031”,“errorId”:“oaerlNNIws-TRalGVeKhbsKhg”,“errorCauses”:}%

Can someone confirm if this is by design as of May 2021?

For example this format DOES still work:

HOWEVER, this format worked previously, and it does not now:

This is a HUGE pita if no longer available. When doing API-based lookups for Jen/Jenn/Jennifer or Mat/Matt/Matthew when you don’t know what is in Okta as the profile.login, SW is an invaluable filter option for locating the correct account.

Without it, our only option is try multiple iterations of Mat/Matt/Matthew with an API call for each using eq. This is WAY less efficient than searching for all users that match ‘api/v1/users?filter=profile.lastName+eq+“Smith”+and+profile.firstName+sw+“Mat”’ and then doing a simple check against the returned JSON.

@JezMiller Are you testing in postman or in your own server?

We found the issue in our live Okta environment. We are troubleshooting code that was previously working and is now throwing errors.

@JezMiller Can you please try to test a simple request with “sw” in postman and see if it works?

I checked it in postman and also got error using “sw” (“eq” works fine).
“errorCode”: “E0000031”,
“errorSummary”: “Invalid search criteria.”,
“errorLink”: “E0000031”,


But, actually, “search” works fine with “sw”, just “filter” doesn’t work.
At least in postman.