How to List Users using profile.login ends with specific search

We have a requirement to list users whose profile.login ends with specific search string, however /api/v1/users is not working with the operator co (contains) or ew (endswith) or even using q search, please suggest.


Looks like ew and co aren’t supported for Users search. Our docs specify that ew and co is available for System Log API, but not any other endpoints.

Something I’ve seen done in Directory Integrations is to create a custom attribute into the User Profile to store the user’s domain and set up a Profile Mapping from the source profile (e.g. Active Directory) into this attribute that could store just the domain, something like String.substringAfter(appuser.username, "@"). You could then do an equality check against that attribute with search

I’m less sure about options to do this natively (with Okta’s APIs and responses directly) if these are Okta sourced users and therefore not able to do this type of mapping.