Error while creating multiple users with same email - Unique username


I am trying to create multiple users with same email address and I am getting “An object with this field already exists” error. These users have unique usernames. I tried both with OKTA Admin UI and API.

I also disabled self service registration as per this KB article - Okta Help Center (Lightning)

Do we need to disable any other setting to allow multiple users with same email?

Thanks for your time!

Users can have the same secondary email address, but the primary email needs to be unique.

Hi Erick,

Thank you so much for taking time to reply to my question. So, even without self service registration, do we need to have unique primary emails (as per this KB article)?

We are trying to setup two different accounts for the same user, so that we can use one for customer facing application and the other for back-office application. The user has only one email and if we use dummy email, user may not get the email notifications.

Thanks for your time!

The secondary email address will receive emails as well

Thanks for the clarification. This helps.