How to generate unique email addresses

Hi People,
I am new to Okta and I am trying to figure out when Okta is the source of truth for email address attribute, how to make Okta generate unique email address for multiple users with same firstname and lastname. Any ideas or sample regular expressions?

Example: User John Smith with email address already exists in Okta. For a new user with same name John Smith, how to make okta generate a unique email address e.g ?


How are you creating the users?

If you are getting your users from a source i.e Active Directory or Profile Master then you can change the mappings to reflect that expression.

If your creating the users directly into Okta via api or UI then you need to regulate that yourself.

Users feed comes from Workday to Okta. The feed doesn’t include email address attribute in it and Okta is supposed to generate email address value for each user which then flows to downstream application O365.
How to query UD using regular expression to check if email address already exists? Is the function findDirectoryUser() specific to Active directory only?


What did you decide on for this?

We are facing similar issue? how did you implement ?

I am also facing same issue. any suggestion, please?