Event Hook verification times out


I’m trying to verify my connection to my event Hook hosted on a Tomcat9 server installed on a virtual machine hosted on the web.

My code is very simple as for now I’m only trying to make this connection work first. Here you can see my code (all java classes are prepared JSON object from the documentation’s payloads) :

I can of course process the hook from my browser and manipulate it with Postman, for example if I’m sending an GET HTTPS request with Okta’s header to verify I’m getting an object JSON in the body as I should.

I really don’t know what is failling here, thank you for any help !

Do you see error message in your Okta system logs?

Yes but nothing usefull

Hi @Hekmil,

Does sending a HTTP GET from your postman also pass ? Okta currently supports only HTTP as mentioned in https://developer.okta.com/docs/reference/api/event-hooks/#channel-object.

If a HTTP GET from your postman passes, but still the verification request from Okta fails, would you be able to get the screen shot of your event hook configuration from okta dashboard (Workflow->EventHooks->{your Event Hook}) and a captured network trace using a tool like fiddler for further analysis ?

Hi @Hekmil

Based on our internal logs, the event hook is already verified, so the one-time-verification is not needed in this case. When the event hook is triggered on application.user_membership.add, your web server’s endpoint returned a 500 error on the POST request from Okta.

Can you please check if the endpoint supports POST requests and, if yes, if it accepts the JSON payload from Okta?


I solved this issue which was coming from a self-signed certificate.

Yes to both questions, my code supports POST and makes an API call using some data of the JSON payload.

I don’t know where it’s coming from right now. Is there a way to generate payload to simulate event hook trigger ?


We are actually planning to beta launch a new feature to allow you to preview an Event Hook (similar to the Inline Hook Preview feature) soon so check back early next month in your preview Org to try it out.

Preview for Event Hooks is now available as a Beta feature for Preview orgs if you want to try it out. Just navigate to the Settings > Feature page on your Okta Admin Dahsboard and scroll down to the “Open betas” section to turn it on. We would love your feedback on it.

hi @Hekmil or @quy, does that mean the okta event hooks don’t connect to HTTPS endpoints using self-signed certs? i have a use case for this and I don’t need to start coding if this is the case. thanks in advance!

@flypenguin We still require the Hooks endpoint to be a HTTPS endpoint. You can use this SSL tool to check if your endpoint has a valid server certificate that can be used: