Experience with Event Hooks

We’ve been investigating using event hooks to sync groups / group membership between 500+ Okta instances and a central database.

From our brief testing, we’re very pleased with the results of the event hooks. However, from searching online I haven’t found much about people talking about their experiences with using Event Hooks.

Even though in the documentation it outlines: “There is no guarantee of maximum delay between event occurrence and delivery”. What sorts of delays have you guys experienced? Has anyone ever experienced events just never coming through?


Hi @Cody

We’ve integrated event hooks with Okta Workflows and didn’t experience a delay (or maybe a few seconds delay which was not noticeable), however we had cases in which the same event came multiple times.

One suggestion is to gather all event payloads received in a queue/table and then deduplicate and process them separately from the API hook. This will prevent any possible rate limiting or service outage, especially if your perform bulk operations that will trigger the event hooks.

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Thanks for the heads up, have you integrated any form of “tee-up” functionality to ensure state integrity? Or have you found the event hooks to be reliable enough?

We’re using them to receive notifications about operations performed in an Okta tenant (eg. admin change) and for provisioning users to apps based on app assignment events. We didn’t have any problems with event hooks during either of the integrations using Okta Workflows as API endpoint.