Build Easy User Sync Webhooks with Okta

Build Easy User Sync Webhooks with Okta

Okta’s hooks feature makes it easy to have event driven side effects for external api calls.

Domenico Cianniello

hello, I’ve checked the event types, but there is no event associated to the user update.
user.lifecycle.create, user.lifecycle.activate, etc, there is no user.lifecycle.update event.
could you give more information?
thank you

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nice demo.
the initial set up works well, but after learning about apis, tokens, Postman, glitch, I run into a problem:

When I add user to the org, using postman, the user gets added to okta, the “createUser” event fires and sends an event hook to the Glitch app. the glitch app executes, but the user is not created.
Error is (for a new user called isaac)
New User Inserted
(node: 272) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: Error: Invalid URI “dev-95679268-admin.okta/api/v1/users?”
so the JS is running, and starts the “dbInsert”, but fails on “getUserData” - ie line 74-86 of server.js

and the answer is: RTFM
the URL, as noted in the glitch Envronment Variables
“# Enter your full Okta URL, i.e.

I did’t have “https://” - a victim of modern browser convenience!
enter the FULL URL, and it works