Okta trigger to send new user data to external application

I want to send user information to an external application every time a user is created in Okta. I think Inline Hooks(Under Workflow section) seems to be a good option for my requirement as I want it to be synchronous. But I don’t think the registration inline hook will work for my use case as I want the external service to be hit while adding users through the endpoint /api/v1/users.

Is there any other option that I can go with to achieve this?

The best way is to create an Event Hook (under Workflow section) and subscribe to the “User created” event.

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But Event Hooks seems to be asynchronous that is the problem I have.

The closest inline hook we have that is synchronous and related to Create User is the Password Import Inline Hook but it’s for migration use cases:

If you can give us more detail on your synchronous use case with the /api/v1/users endpoint, then we can consider it for a future enhancement to our Inline Hooks.


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Currently, we have decided to use the response that we get from /api/v1/users endpoint and continue with the transaction by saving data in the required data stores. We are good now. Will get back in case of any issues. Thanks for the help.