Send and Receive custom data via inline hooks

I checked the docs but not able to find a definite answer. Can we send some custom fields from the user profile in the inline hook request (password import, token hook etc)so that the external system can access this data? And is there a way to send back some custom data in the response of the hooks?


What is your use case? What are you planning to do with this data? The information included in the hook will be specific to the type of hook being used, so would help if you could provide some clarity about which hooks you are looking at using and what your end goal is

One option of course is to make API calls to /api/v1/users from your endpoint when you receive the hook request from Okta to get any information that is otherwise not being sent by default.

Thanks andreaskouras. Our use case is to send the okta Id and a custom internal Id (like employee ID which will be mapped to the user profile) via the password, registration and token hooks.
We want to keep a cross association in our system between the user’s okta ID and our internal ID and want to insert this data when the hooks are invoked.

The problem is

  1. We dont see the Okta ID in the password hook request example (Password Import Inline Hook Reference | Okta Developer).
  2. We do find a userProfile registration hook and User -> Profile for token hook. Not sure if we can add the custom internal ID (which is mapped to the user profile) to these objects in the hook request.