Hooks support for Social signup with okta

Hi, I need Everytime a new user profile is imported from an external idp ( I am using Google) I want a call back to register the same detail in my db. Also I want to add an I’d from my application to the new okta user profile. Do I have to implement inline registration hook for this purpose. Are there any other recommendations.
Would Appreciate your response.

We are looking at adding this type of hook, but it is not on our roadmap at this time. You can vote for this feature request and track its progress on our Okta Ideas portal: https://ideas.okta.com/app/#/case/115831

Will inline registration hook not serve my purpose?

What information are you looking to get in your db?

The Registration inline hook is only triggered when a user using the Self Service Registration feature to sign-up for a new, native Okta account. It won’t be triggered if the user was added to the Okta org via JIT after they login through a Social auth provider. Its why I referenced the feature request for an inbound federation hook.

Hi Andrea,

Thanks a lot for this information.

my usecase is to add my application user specific id to okta user profile which got created by importing profile details from an external idp ( i am using google) and also to add the user email and other profile details (which ever got imported ) to my application db.

Can i use an event hook here?

I can use user email to fetch user profile and update it (making a put request ) but before i do that my client would have already got the access token so could not take this route.

is there any other way to solve this , would appreciate your guidance on this. thanks!

We are also looking for something very similar.
Do we know if

  1. If a new user uses the social signin in option to signin for the first time, do we trigger the registration hook?
  2. If a users signs in via social IDP and if we have the inline token hook set up, can we get some additional information like the signin provider (FB,Google etc) from the inline token hook?


Inline hook only work for self service registration. The best option available right now in okta is event hook ( on profile synch) which gets triggered whenever a profile is synched from an external idp. You can have different rule for triggering the event like profile deactivation, sign-in etc as well.

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