Inline hooks - only registration supported?


I am playing around with inline hooks. So far I got registration hooks to work. Update attributes, check if user exists, flat out deny, ensure a corporate email is being used,… so in other words no issues with registration hooks.

I wanted to experiment with the other hooks aswell, token, import and SAML. When testing out hooks I always start with just sending a 200 code and print the body okta posts to my server. However these hooks do not trigger. The hooks are active. Imports are not triggering import inline hooks and giving an access_token from my CUSTOM auth server does not trigger the token hook either.

Are registrations hooks only supported at the moment?

Hi @Ironhide

The other hooks might not be activated in your Okta org. Can you please send an email to and ask if the following features are active for your Okta org:

  • Import inline hook: IMPORT_SYNC_CALLBACKS

Please note that for token inline hook, you require API Access Management, a feature that gives you possibility to create custom authorization servers.