Registration inline hook

I created registration inline hook with 2 custom fields in Okta. FRom registration inline hook I am calling my .Net Rest API ( Rest API) is working as expected from postman.

When Trying to register a new user- I am getting 405 Error “Api validation failed: Hook " API” execution failed. Remote server responded with client error, responseCode=405 message=Method Not Allowed"
My API is sending correct format of response.
Anyone ran into this issue. Pl help me.

405 is the error, which your Rest API gives back to Okta hook engine. I’d enable verbose logging and observe what caused 405

Hi @hmistry

Does your REST API support POST request on the callback called by the registration inline hook?

Yes. My rest api support Post request.
When I tried this from Postman , I am getting correct response. https://developerinstnace/api/v1/inlineHooks/cale6wnn66hHg5Dsp4x6/execute

when I try to register from Singin page, It’s hitting my server but not allowing registration.