Call Inline Hook via API Registration


We are currently using the Sign-In Widget with Self-Service Registration enabled to sign up new users. We are using a Registration Inline Hook to take the new user and process them in other systems. This is all working great.

I’d now like to create new users via API, and trigger the same Registration Hook, but I don’t see a way. I can create new users via the /api/v1/users API, but it doesn’t say anything about hooks. If I look at the widget requests, it is calling something like /api/v1/registration, but I can’t find any documentation for this endpoint and I don’t want to assume I can use an undocumented API.

Why is the registration hook for the self-service registration only? Is there a way to call a hook from the Users API? Would the /registration API be safe to use?


Hi Gerard,

You’re correct. The Okta Registration Inline Hook is specific for Okta’s Self-Service Registration flow.

If you want a hook for the user creation flow via the API, you can use the Event Hook for the user.lifecycle.create event.

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