How to capture the Okta Add Person details to our company database?

I’m pretty new to Okta, please help me with this scenario.

In Okta we have an option called Add Person can be navigated from users>>People>>Add Person

Once we send an invite to the user that details will be captured on Okta People dashboard with the status of Pending user Action

At this moment, once we send invite to the user and got the user status as Pending user Action, we need insert this user record into our company database with status as Invited.

And once user Activate the okta account via email we sent in the first step, user status will be changed to Active on Okta People Dashboard.

So once user registered successfully, status turns active on Okta, then our database record inserted for that user should be updated to Active status.

I see some features in okta like Inline Hooks and Event Hooks etc… is it possible to achieve this using any of those features or else please throw some light if there is any other ways to do this.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @kalyani

You can leverage Event Hooks which are webhooks that you can use to alert a web server on your end when certain events have occurred in Okta (eg. user was created) in order to update the status in your database (eg. status=invited).

But when we alert our web server it will receive a Event Payload, which does not have the UserID(Target Object). Example Payload @ : -
{ "eventType": "com.okta.event_hook", "eventTypeVersion": "1.0", "cloudEventsVersion": "0.1", "contentType": "application/json", "eventId": "b5a188b9-5ece-4636-b041-482ffda96311", "eventTime": "2019-03-27T16:59:53.032Z", "source": "https://${yourOktaDomain}/api/v1/eventHooks/whoql0HfiLGPWc8Jx0g3", "data": { "events": [ { "version": "0", "severity": "INFO", "client": { "zone": "OFF_NETWORK", "device": "Unknown", "userAgent": { "os": "Unknown", "browser": "UNKNOWN", "rawUserAgent": "UNKNOWN-DOWNLOAD" }, "ipAddress": "" }, "actor": { "id": "00u1qw6mqitPHM8AJ0g7", "type": "User", "alternateId": "", "displayName": "Example Admin" }, "outcome": { "result": "SUCCESS" }, "uuid": "f790999f-fe87-467a-9880-6982a583986c", "published": "2018-03-28T22:23:07.777Z", "eventType": "user.session.start", "displayMessage": "User login to Okta", "transaction": { "type": "WEB", "id": "V04Oy4ubUOc5UuG6s9DyNQAABtc" }, "legacyEventType": "core.user_auth.login_success", "authenticationContext": { "authenticationStep": 0, "externalSessionId": "1013FfF-DKQSvCI4RVXChzX-w" } } ] } }

So how to find out which user’s status have been updated??