Custom Email when users created / updated in Okta

Hi there,
I am looking for a way to send an email to our service desk when a user is put into the staged status.

I would like an email sent to the service desk that contains some values for the user, first name, last name, department, start date (a custom value we capture) and a few other values.

This will act as a trigger in the service desk to start the on boarding ticket process as we need to gather information from production coordinators for our new starters.

I thought it might be able to be done as an automation process but I just can’t see how to put the pieces together.

Is something like this possible?

Have you looked into using event hooks. The user.lifecycle.create event would most likely work for this situation.
Another option would be to use a workflow.

Thanks @erik I’ll have a look at the event hook. We ran a POC for Workflows and they would be amazing to have but can’t get the extra cost over the line just yet.

I’ll loop back if I am stuck with what to do in the event hook.