Notification for Admin on each new user


i want as the organisation admin to get an email notification for each user registration to my org.
i dont see where to enable it ? ( it seems to be just for end users )


Hi @elim

We do not have an out of the box integration to send notification emails for self service registration operations, however you can leverage a registration inline hook to achieve the use-case.

In short, the integration would work as follows:

  • user registers on your Okta org
  • Okta sends a request containing the user’s profile to your web server using the registration inline hook
  • your web server reads the request body and sends an email to specific email addresses with the user’s profile
  • your web server returns confirmation that the user is allowed to register
  • user will see that the account was created successfully

If you do not have the registration inline hook feature enabled on your Okta org, please drop an email to and ask for the CALLBACKS feature.

Thank you,
we will give it a go.