Expire_password API is not working for Staged and Suspended user

Hi All,

I am trying to expire an users password which are in Suspend and Staged status.
API used - url/users//lifecycle/expire_password

This API is responding with error “Password reset failed”.
Does any one know why this API is not working for an user having status Staged and Suspended?

Hi @ananddhage

What is the use-case that you would like to achieve by expiring the password for staged and suspended users?

Hi @dragos,

  1. From my application if admin tried to set an password for user then it has to first change the users password by some default password.
  2. Then he will send an expire password request for the same user.
    Whenever the user tried to login to Okta he has to change that password at very first login attempt because it is expired in first step.