Is it possible to undo 'password expired' status?

I had password expiration set on my org’s password policy and later decided to remove it. While it was still in force, some users entered the “password expired” status. I’m wondering if there’s any way to undo this status now that there is no more expiration on the policy.

I tried performing an ‘activate user’ using the Users API, but that failed since the user is already active. Suspend and unsuspend also left it in the expired state. Any ideas? Or can someone verify that this is not possible?

Have you tried simply resetting their passwords (either as an admin or as the user)? That will get them out of the password expired status.

Thanks. Yes, i know that’s an option. I was just looking for a solution that would not require password reset or update. I verified with Okta that this isn’t possible. Once the user is in a “password expired” state, it can’t be undone.