Factor enrollment error says no user found

I’m trying this in postman.

Step 1 - run “Create Activated User with Password” to create a user.
Step 2 - Enroll the user to SMS factor using “Enroll Okta SMS Factor”

But when i do the second step I get the following error -

"errorCode": "E0000007",

"errorSummary": "Not found: Resource not found: peterparker@gmail.com (User)",

"errorLink": "E0000007",

"errorId": "oae9oplIXhaRNelD2NfkvQS1A",

"errorCauses": []


But if i do Get User with the userId I get the user back.

Ok , the format for the request is -

"https://${domain}/api/v1/users/{userId}/factors" not "https://${domain}/api/v1/users/{loginName}/factors"

sending the right userId got this service working.

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