Failed to receive Okta HTTP post request

Our web application relies on ActiveX control, so it must run in Edge IE mode. Additionally, it requires Okta SSO for authentication.

When we log in via the Okta SSO login URL, the authentication process completes successfully, and the Okta IdP redirects the request back to the application. However, the HTTP post SAML response seems to get lost and remains empty. We have followed Microsoft’s instructions to add the Okta SSO login domain to the neutral list, but the issue persists.

Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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HTTP post SAML response seems to get lost and remains empty.

Does the above provide a response when the environment changes? I mean in non-Edge IE mode. It might be a good idea to back-test this in a non-Edge environment, such as lower Windows versions with IE enabled on a VM.

Do you notice any console errors or other issues in Edge IE mode? Could it be attributed to a polyfill problem? Or is the response aspect causing the issues entirely?

Also which docs did you follow? Please link it here?

Hi krishna,

I’m encountering an issue with my application, which relies on ActiveX controls. With Internet Explorer 11 no longer available in our organization, Edge in IE mode is the only option for running it.

Using Fiddler to monitor the traffic, I noticed the following behavior when accessing the application from the Okta dashboard:

The POST response initially contains the SAMLResponse as expected.
However, upon returning to my application’s endpoint, the response is redirected (HTTP 302 - Moved Temporarily) to the same endpoint.
During this redirection, the POST request is converted to a GET request, causing the SAMLResponse to be lost.

Any insights on how to resolve this would be appreciated.