Unable to receive SAML response on ACS URL

Hi Developers,

I am using Angular as front end stack and ASP.Net core as back end for web API for my project. We have a requirement of implementing SSO with SAML in this application. We have created a SAML application in our Okta organization in the web category in which I have configured the ACS URL and other configurations.

We have created an AuthnRequest request then converted it to base64 string and appended base64 string into idp_sso_url as an query param (idp_sso_target_url + “?SAMLRequest=” + base64 request) and redirect to the same URL. Now we must receive a SAML response from Okta on our ACS URL but Okta is redirecting to the ACS URL on the browser and no response received from the Okta application on the backend side URL (SSO URL).

No response received on the API side so We tried to provide a client-side(Angular) URL but got an error “Cannot POST to /signin” as angular does not allow POST method.

Please guide me to find a solution.

Thanks and Regards
Shivendra Singh

SAML in Okta is purely carried with the help of user’s agent. So no backend communication will be generated.

I suggest you to have a look at some reference implementation, as SAML is not that simple, and it’s better to grab something pre-built. When I had to deal with the same, I chose ITfoxtec.Identity.Saml2

There are other implementations of SAML frameworks, I’m sure you can find something which fits you better

My client app is an angular app hosted on different server and backend is a .NET core app which is on different server so is It suitable for that.