SAML authentication for ASP.Net Core as Web API and Angular as client side app

Hi Developers,

I am using Angular as front end stack and ASP.Net core as back end for web API for my project.

We have a requirement of implementing SSO with SAML in this application. We have created a SAML application in our Okta organization in the web category in which I have configured the ACS URL and other configurations but unable to find the further path.

Please guild me to find a solution.


Shivendra Singh

Hi @si5.shivendra

Okta does not have a proprietary SAML SDK, however you can use a third party SDK to implement in your ASP.NET Core project, such as the one from Component Space. After implementing the SDK, you will need to configure both the application and Okta app to establish the SAML connection and, in the end, set up a method in the application to validate the SAMLResponse received from Okta and, based on it, create a session for the user inside the application.

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