Implementing OKTA and SAML

We have few applications written in .net framework 4 and few recently on .net core.

Currently we are using forms authentication via active directory to authenticate the users. Now we want to implement SSO in these applications so use OKTA for that.

With what I have read is that we would need to make our applications SAML in order to proceed. So I wanted to know what all changes do we need to do in our applications to make it SAML compliant. Any sample code or any links would be appreciated.


Have you seen this?


Thanks for your reply.

I can understand the setting up for okta account. But I am using 4 and .net core. Is there any documentation that shows how to add saml to the existing app.

I’d suggest taking at look at implementing OIDC instead of SAML. I would start with our Okta Authentication Quickstart Guide for .NET Core. If you have to implement SAML, I would take a look at Okta’s suggested SAML toolkits for .NET.

As mentioned before we just need to setup authentication (SSO) in our applications. If we use okta sign in or okta sign in widget will we be able to implement just authentication?
What role does SAML play in OKTA then? Can we just use okta sign in widget for both .net framework and core applications without involving SAML. Will we still be able to have an app icon in our okta if we dont use SAML.

Sorry I have just started to look into all these so my questions might be very basic.