Federated login for Okta

Dear Team,

In one of our product, We are building user authentication with Okta as authentication agent and also providing federated login service. We are able to build federated login with Google and Microsoft successfully by referring to the developer document provided by you. However, We are not able to build the same for Okta directory. Okta user could be from any organization who want to Signup/In to our application which uses Okta as an authentication agent. ( i.e. cross-organization ).

We have followed the same documentation and built federated login with Okta directory. But It has come to our attention that once we click on ‘Sign in with Okta’, It redirects the user to the login page of only registered tenant-specific Okta directory. We would like any user belonging to any Okta directory to Sign up/in into our system and on successful Signup, The same user should get added to our Okta directory users list.

It would be great if you can help us or point us in a direction to identify the solution to solve our problem and we would really appreciate
any help.

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Hi @samkamurti

Unfortunately we do not have an out of the box implementation for cross-organization authentication via Okta, as a user can be present with the same username in multiple Okta tenants.

The authentication via Okta could be implemented taking into consideration the origin tenant in the authentication process, in order to prevent a user from one tenant to log in as another user from a different tenant that has the same username.

​​Hi Dragos,

Thanks, for your reply on my query.

I would like to chat with you more about the use case we are looking to integrate Okta with. Please let me know if you would be open to a meeting/discussion about this.

I look forward to hearing back from you.


Hi @samkamurti

Please feel free to send us an email to developers@okta.com and me or one of my colleagues will pick up the case and further discuss the integration.

@samkamurti Did this discussion get a resolution, cause I think I’m facing the same issue :confused: