Authenticate between multiple different Okta instances


My company has tasked me trying to authenticate a given user between multiple applications hosted on multiple Okta instances. We have separate instances for employees, clients, and other types of users.

For the sake of an example, lets say my company has 4 different Okta domains:

Is there currently an existing method to authenticate a user against all 4 sources at once?

I’m using C# / ASP.NET 6 and am open to using anything else to make this secure.


You might want to check the multi tenant solutions documentation.
Particularly the hub / spoke model.

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I’ve done some reading on what you sent and was just curious if there were any kind of public examples available? I saw a community-maintained version, but I wasn’t sure if Okta had an officially maintained page somewhere.

The pages you sent me are helpful and my company will most likely go with the hub / spoke model, however, all of those pages talk about it at a higher level. I was hoping to find a more low level write up talking about the implementation and specifics and what not.

Not that I am aware of since this is really more of an architectural concept.
Okta does provide a document with instructions to setup the connection between two Orgs,

Depending on how complicated the setup might be, it would be beneficial to work with a professional services resource from Okta to make sure the best solution for your needs is implemented.

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Hey, I have recently setup this env for one of the use-case. I can show you if you want. You can setup yourselves, else email me at appseccloud"at"gmail"dot"com