OKTA Multitenancy with SaaS application have multiple databases

I want to integrate OKTA authentication with my SaaS application but facing challenge because have multiple databases in our application. Below is the scenario:

Technology: Asp.net Core 7

My application have multiple databases and based on the database selection i want to check weather this database have OKTA auth enable or not if enable then runtime want to pass clientid/secret and domain which we get from databases.

So in place of registering into Startup.cs i want to register to which domain or tenant send request for authentication in OKTA.

Please kindly let me know if any way available in OKTA for the same. Will be great if any sample or example provide.


Do you plan to use the Okta .NET Core SDK? Currently it supports Core 6, I don’t know if it has been tested with 7.

In general the SDKs do not have multi-tenancy support built in.

The Okta integration Network has applications which support multi-tenancy.
Even if your application is not targeted for the Okta integration network the below documentation maybe of use,

Thank You