How to support multiple okta domains in single web application?

I have implemented Okta SSO in my MVC application and it works as expected for the single okta domain, But the issue is, if an okta user from different Okta domain wants to do login then it’s not supported. This is because I have to provide Okta domain information during startup

Wondering if there is any way to support multiple okta domains in a single mvc application using some kind of Okta to Okta configuration.

Can anyone please help or provide hints on this?


the SDK doesn’t support multi-tenancy at the moment
there is a PR that seems to add this functionality but it is not merged

Hello Kiran,
Is the application you are creating something that you would intend to have published on the Okta Integration Network (OIN)?

If so, as Fuzzard pointed out currently the SDK doesn’t support multi-tenancy, but the OIN documentation does document how to handle the authorization code flow for a web app. Even if your application is not intended for the OIN, this type of solution might solve your case, depending on your requirements.

Hello @erik
I do not have requirement to Publish on the Okta Integration Network (OIN).

Looks like OIN documentation might help, I am reviewing it.