Multi Okta org - easily possible?

We have an application where we had multiple requests from customers to support Okta.
We are used to Microsoft Azure AD, where you can register an application once in “multi-tenancy” mode, and - with tenant user/admin consent - is able to authenticate EVERY Azure AD Tenant without further configuration.

Is something like this possible with Okta, too? Or do the customer Admins specifically need to register the application, and then tell us about the configuration for their Okta Org? (e.g. auth server, clientid, client secret) and we need to properly redirect based on that info when users want to sign into our app?


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Did you ever receive any feedback on this?
We are needing to support a multi tenant scenario.

Yes, it is not possible what I want to do.
We have to register each Tenant separately with Okta

Thanks for your response. One other question:
So in that case, do your SAML responses end up having a different IssuerIDs for each Tenant or for each Tenant/Application combination?