Forget Password in embedded login flow

We are implementing okta embedded login model for our application. We are showing okta login widget in our application using “sign-in-widget” ID.

Our login flow is working fine. Issue arise when we try to run the forget password flow

After sending username we get the email but in that email we are just getting the link not code like the following screen

But when we hit the link user is redirected to okta deployed login.
My question is link given in the email should redirect user to reset password form not login form.

Can you help me figure out if there is a setting i haven’t set properly or some other issue.

You can edit the email template for Password Reset to modify the link URL behind the button, so that it points back to your app

When using embedded authentication and resetting a password, it usually redirects to the Okta dashboard. How can we redirect to our component instead?

Do you even see this happen if user completes both actions on the same device/in the same browser (recovering their password in the embedded login page, then opening the link from their email)?

Please review these steps to check if I am incorrect.
Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3.

When I click on the “reset password” button in Okta, it sometimes redirects me to the Okta login screen and other times to the “getting started” page. Can you please assist me in preventing this redirection to the Okta dashboard and instead navigate to our component?