Skip Okta dashboard after user resetting the password through forgot password

I am using Okta widget for login. How can I skip the Okta homepage when a user resets the password through Forgot password option in this login screen?

Ideally, I want to redirect the user to a different URL instead of the Okta dashboard after the password reset.

There is a setting in Settings → Features → Global Default Redirect Setting that you can turn on. Then you can go to Customization → Default App for Sign-in Widget and edit that setting to Send to Custom URL and enter a URL that is Trusted by Okta. If you get the Not Trusted by Okta you have to go Security → API → Trusted Origins and add a new Redirect Origin. You might already have an entry for CORS but you can also select the Redirect for the same filter.

I did this but unfortunately the feature is too immature and basic. I would love for it to check which group or application I’m assigned to and then have it redirect to that application URL, instead of a global URL for all applications. Our organization has dozens of unique applications so this setting does no good. Keep that in mind if you host multiple applications because whatever you set will apply across the entire organization. When I made that change, I had over 100 Team chats asking did authentication break because even the admins couldn’t login, which requires logging in this way - https://{yourSubdomain} You will need to modify the URL to suit your needs but the important part is the /login/default. You will need to use this after making the changes. Good luck!

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I did check that option even mine is multiple applications case. We cant have same URL for entire organization.